“Power Me” Success!

Thanks everyone who came out this weekend to see our 4th annual NYC Design Week show “Power Me”. Wd had a great turnout, the opening night was packed!

Thought provoking projects, inspiring conversations, and some great connections made over the course of 3 days. Stay tuned for more photos of each project.

And we are already cookin’ up a new theme for next year…


“Power Me” Teaser: Mushrooms.

The future is … 

mushrooms. not plastic, mushrooms! Okay, not those kinds of mushrooms. Ecovative has been developing MycoFoam™ for quite a few years. It’s essentially a styro-foam like material that can protect and hold product in place in packaging, but made of 100% organic matter. Take a look at this teddy bear…

IT’S MADE OF MUSHROOMS. And it is still cuddly and soft in texture.

Come squeeze it yourself. At the opening party of “Power Me” next Friday. RSVP here.

Wine + mushroom teddy bears.
What else could you want on a Friday night?



“Power Me” Teaser: OIKO

Introducing OIKO: Toys that save the Earth, designed by Chloe Varelidi. OIKO is a set of environmental toys that connect to your home appliances. The first in the set is “Blinkie” the cat hero. Installed on your wall switch as a cover it tracks how long kids leave the lights on. When kids save energy, Blinkie will shows an animation of a rescued earthly creature…

Chloe is passionate about designing playful experiences and games wherever she goes. Want to play with OIKO?

Come to the opening party of “Power Me” next Friday during NYC Design Week.
Drink some wine while “Blinkie” the cat teaches you how to save the world.

<3 Krystal

Power Me – Call for Work!

Grouphug is back for its 4th annual show & ready to shake things up during NYC Design Week!

This year I am excited to announce the theme – “Power Me”. Sustainability is a subject close to my own heart. Since 2009, I’ve pursued many personal projects like the Closed Loop, CEOs for Change, and Wildgrid to try and make a small positive impact.

Now, more than ever, we need designers & creative problem solvers to come together and focus their talents on the issues that really matter. As I wrote in a previous post, the world doesn’t need more high end chairs, it needs real solutions to issues like our energy problems.

We chose to tackle energy this year, not only because of certain skeptics, but because it’s a somewhat invisible resource that people unconsciously consume. It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, and materials available at our fingertips. Energy touches every aspect of our lives – from the meals we eat, the devices we love, and the clothes we wear. Our lives are comfortable and our habits are power hungry, but at what cost?

This is a call to action – submit your ideas about energy to Grouphug’s 4th annual show: Power Me. Submit an idea and it will get displayed during NYCx Design Week and get covered by the biggest design publications. Let thousands of people see your idea and get inspired by it. Let people and other designers give you feedback and join forces with you. Be part of a movement of designers who are proactively proposing solutions.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

We’re coming for you, 2017.

<3 Krystal

The story of Grouphug

If you were to make a lengthly list of problems our society faces, do you think “expensive, new method of sitting” is high on the list? I can’t decide what products should be made, but I can consciously put my skills towards developing products I feel passionate about. I can also encourage others to do the same.

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“Judge Me” Gallery Space Booked!

Our 3rd annual Grouphug show, Judge Me, will be on display at…

drumroll.gif [drumroll please]


“Judge Me” is officially taking place from May 6 -8 at 160 Orchard Street.

Phew, we finally have a space thanks to our friends over at Made in the Lower East Side.

Those who know me, know I am partial to this area because I am also a resident :)
However, I really believe its time that the arts & design scene break out of Chelsea. This is no surprise, the gentrification of LES and Chinatown has been happening slowly for decades. Some even say the Lower East Side is New York’s most important arts district now.

I’m psyched about this space! It comes with modular furniture that we can rearrange for our needs. Its typically more for fashion pop ups, but I think that can work to our advantage this year – we have a lot of wearable device projects in the works.

My favorite feature: built in cubby holes!


The pieces are falling into place…

More updates coming soon!


(Photos of 160 Orchard courtesy of Made in the Lower East Side)