“Judge Me” Gallery Space Booked!

Our 3rd annual Grouphug show, Judge Me, will be on display at…

drumroll.gif [drumroll please]


“Judge Me” is officially taking place from May 6 -8 at 160 Orchard Street.

Phew, we finally have a space thanks to our friends over at Made in the Lower East Side.

Those who know me, know I am partial to this area because I am also a resident :)
However, I really believe its time that the arts & design scene break out of Chelsea. This is no surprise, the gentrification of LES and Chinatown has been happening slowly for decades. Some even say the Lower East Side is New York’s most important arts district now.

I’m psyched about this space! It comes with modular furniture that we can rearrange for our needs. Its typically more for fashion pop ups, but I think that can work to our advantage this year – we have a lot of wearable device projects in the works.

My favorite feature: built in cubby holes!


The pieces are falling into place…

More updates coming soon!


(Photos of 160 Orchard courtesy of Made in the Lower East Side)


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