“Judge Me” Designers Announced

I am excited to announce the 22 designers participating in the “Judge Me” show this May! Woo hoo! All of these submissions were really extraordinary. They are a collection of thought provoking and poetic concepts. I can’t wait to watch the concepts come to life for the show.

Stay tuned… we’ll be posting progress sketches and models from the designers as they start fleshing out their concepts for May.

Edmund Boey
Title: Social Fabric  (prototype = featured image)
Concept: A new take on the American Flag

Christina Mayo & Patricia Bell 
Title: What is your atmosphere?
Concept: A game to defeat sexism in the workplace

Spark Corps (Allie Miller, Meaghan Kennedy, Joyce Zou)
Title: Humantones
Concept: A pantone-like swatch system for non-pigmented qualities like emotions and personality traits

Karen MacKay
Title: Discrimination Tracker
Concept: Wearable audio recording device that tracks negative moments in your life.

Richard Wade Morgan
Title: Make America Gay Again
Concept: An open-minded take on Donald Trump’s campaign.

Oscar Salguero
Title: TBD
Concept: Prejudice-free coloring book

Shane Strassberg, Josh Corn, Song Lee
Title: M.E.O.W.
Concept: A wearable device that discourages cat-calling.

Dalal Elsheikh
Title: The American Dream
Concept: Board game where you are dealt socioeconomic cards and try to succeed.

Shan Jayakumar
Title: Out of Context
Concept: Statement wearables with quotes from historic & revered American documents out of context.

Title: Tru-Colour Bandages
Concept: Band aids that redefine that “nude” means.

Veil Hijab
Title: Cool Dry Shawl
Concept: Expanding the perception of hijabs from oppressive garments to activewear.

GenderTimer App
Concept: How much air-time do women and men take in your meetings and favourite TV-shows? Use GenderTimer Pro to find out!

Lammily Doll 
Concept: What if Fashion Dolls Were Made Using Standard Human Body Proportions?

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