Inspiration: Veil, revolutionizing the way women wear hijabs

I’m going to post a series of posts about inspiration products to help get some ideas sparking for the “Judge Me” show submissions. Here’s the first one…



Some people may see a woman wearing a hijab a and assume she is old-school or “oppressed”. I put “oppressed” in quotes because there is an assumption that women who wear modest wear are servants to their religion against their will (this is untrue). Hijabs can also look cumbersome & hot to wear.

Veil is changing the way people perceive hijabs.

Here is Veil’s mission statement:

At Veil, we promise to continue to bring innovation to the table and revolutionize the way women wear the hijab and modest clothing. Our vision not only encompasses the need to make modest-wear more comfortable and functional, but to motivate and inspire women around the globe to follow and accomplish whatever goals they dream of.

Veil’s pioneer development, the Cool Dry hijab, is the most advanced hijab in the world. Learn more on their Kickstarter.

What do you guys think?
Is Veil tackling an important prejudice?

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