Judge Me – Call for Work!

We’re currently accepting work for our upcoming show called “Judge Me“. The accepted submissions will be exhibited during NYC Design Week in May.

The theme of “Judge Me” is prejudice. Prejudice is defined as a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. We have all experienced injustice in our daily lives. Our personalities, motives, and abilities are, for the most part, assumed by others. How much should one’s skin color, gender, age, sexuality, hair color, etc infer how she/he will behave? We challenge you to choose a form of discrimination you personally experience and address the bias.

Submit work by e-mailing krystal@grouphug.cc. All submissions are due by March 7 at 11:59PM, Write “Judge Me Submission” in the e-mail subject and include a sketch and description of your idea. We encourage you to submit early sketches and concepts. Submissions don’t have to be polished!

It’s very, very important that you choose a personal prejudice you experience. This is a very sensitive subject and the last thing we want are sweeping solutions from designers addressing a problem they do not understand or don’t have the means to solve meaningfully. So, the more personal, the better.

Can’t wait to see what what submissions we receive…. I’m hoping for some really inspiring stuff. I’m cooking up some ideas myself! I can’t decide what ‘prejudice’ to tackle that I experience …the top 3 in my mind are (1) female (2) guyanese (3) atheist …

– Krystal

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