Taste of Feed Me: Christina Mayo

Christina Mayo, an industrial designer and mechanical engineer, is creating an educational pop up book to teach kiddies where their food goes after they eat it. I love her concept because it’s taking an event (digestion) that happens to every single person in the world and making it discoverable in a fun way. I’m a little embarrassed that I don’t know the inner workings of my body and I’ve have it for 26 years. I think this book will be educational for kids and adults alike!


Here is Mayo’s¬†description of her project “Om Nom Nom”:

Ever wonder where your food goes? Let Omm Nom Nom and her friends show you!
Omm Nom Nom is a lil’ critter monster cube that lets you explore the entrails of the digestion system.
Share a burger with Omm Nom Nom and join in the digestion journey!

We’ll be exhibiting a prototype of Om Nom Nom at Feed Me, opening May 8th. Come out and discover the journey that your food goes on after you swallow …

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