Taste of Feed Me: Karen, Tingting, & Emily

Last week I was a guest speaker at the littleBits Make & Munch Makeathon at the Center for Social Innovation. I gave a short talk about Grouphug and the upcoming “Feed Me” show.

The goal of the makeathon was to re-imagine the world around you by prototyping, building and innovating with littleBit circuits as your tool. It was a high energy afternoon full out blinking, buzzing, laughing. The atmosphere was really special and gave me warm, fuzzy, maker-y feelings.

AND the best part was … I got to choose two designs to be included in the show!

The projects I chose were designed by Karen Ng, Tingting Gao, and Emily Chan. Their designs were simple, thoughful and touched upon relevant social stigma we experience while eating. I am really psyched — we will have some utopian electronic inventions powered by littleBits in the exhibition!

Here is a sneak preview of their projects below. I won’t say what exactly they do yet… you’ll have to wait and see..

1) Indulge


2) Put That Down


Only a few weeks more to go….. excited…freaking out… bye



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