“Feed Me” Designers Announced

I am excited to announce the 22 designers participating in the “Feed Me” show this May! Woo hoo! All of these submissions were really extraordinary. They oscillate from being extremely thought provoking to down right disturbing. I can’t wait to watch the concepts come to life for the show.

Stay tuned… we’ll be posting progress sketches and models from the designers as they start fleshing out their concepts for May.

Belen Tenorio & Oscar de la Hera Gomez
Title: Meat as a side dish
Concept: Interactive installation where a user selects their desired meat consumption and sees its affect on the environment.

Celia Lewis & Taylor Caputo
Title: Maker Bites
Concept: An injection molder for children that produces edible objects

Christina Mayo
Title: Om Nom Nom
Concept: Children’s pop up book about digestion

Edmund Boey
Title: Don’t Feed the Rat Race
Concept: Wearable pizza for New Yorkers who are starving for work/life balance.

Emily Tuteur & Garrett Holtz
Concept: Deceptive flavor experiments

John Pate Hamilton & Joseff Abboud
Title: Violating Velveeta
Concept: DIY junk food kit to expose the amount of ingredients that go into processed foods.

Karen MacKay
Grouphug member
Title: Vertical Theory
Concept: DIY hydroponics system for urban agriculture.

Krystal Persaud & Hirumi Nanayakkara 
Grouphug member
Title: Wildgrid compost charger
Concept: Using compost and food for energy, enough to charge a cell phone

Micole Rondinone & Ariel Coello
Title: Addicted, a satirical health food brand
Concept: Uncovering sugar addiction in health foods

Oscar Salguero & Zack Saunders
Title: F.A.S.E. (Flavor Augmenting Scent Emitters)
Concept: Accessories for your nose to perceive flavor

Sarah Melgen
Title: Feeding Bowl
Concept: Maternal and child feeding bowl and spoon

Sarah Stein
Title: Gramwich
Concept: Creating food as an assertion of creative ability and an initiative to encourage choice.

Shan Jayakumar
Title: The Pizza Eaters
Concept: Paintings & photography that explore the relationship between pizza shops & the economy

Trisha Bell
Grouphug member
Title: Urban Crayfish Farm
Concept: Urban animal farming to provide local, sustainable meat source to city dwellers.

Valentina Vicent
Grouphug member
Title: Robin Food
Concept: Health food superhero

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