The Absurdity of Growing a Whole Chicken

In 1931, Winston Churchill wrote an essay called “Fifty Years Hence“. Churchill, known for being the Prime Minister of the UK and his quotes about standing vs. sitting, shall also be known for predicting lab-grown meat.

We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium. Synthetic food will, of course, also be used in the future. Nor need the pleasures of the table be banished. That gloomy Utopia of tabloid meals need never be invaded. The new foods will from the outset be practically indistinguishable from the natural products, and any changes will be so gradual as to escape observation.

Many companies are developing technologies to create cultured meat, New Harvest just to name one. It really makes me think, “fuck, there are NO rules in the world”. As humans, we can fly without wings, grow meat without animals, and probably create lab-grown animals with wings. We can literally redesign ANYTHING in the world. Nothing is a “given”. Nothing that exists in the world today is a unchanging fact of life. That is a pretty amazing and empowering thought. View everything in the world as a potential “redesign”.

So, nothing is off-limits! Design something mind blowing for Feed Me.


Excited & confused,

– Krystal


Reference: VICE

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