“Feed Me” – Call for Work!

We’re currently accepting work for our upcoming show called “Feed Me”! The accepted submissions will be exhibited during NYC Design Week in May.

The theme of “Feed Me” is nutrition. Nutrition is the process by which organisms take in and utilize food. We put thousands of different substances into our bodies every day; some of those substances are utilitarian and some are luxurious. Nutrition is a process, health is a condition, and the human body is a vessel. We challenge you to reimagine the relationship between nutrition, health, and the body. How does that relationship exist today, 5 years from now, or 255 years from now?

Submit work by e-mailing krystal@grouphug.cc. All submissions are due by February 23 at 11:59PM, Write “Feed Me Submission” in the e-mail subject and include a sketch and description of your idea. We encourage you to submit early sketches and concepts. Submissions don’t have to be polished! Can’t wait to see what what submissions we receive…. I’m hoping for some really mind-scratching, disturbing stuff. – Krystal

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