May 11-13, 2018
Gallery Location TBD
New York, NY

“Respect Me” is a design show about female empowerment.
From the beginning of time, women seemingly fall short in comparison to men. They are viewed as inferior and as a result are paid less, underrepresented in the government and almost every industry, subject to sexual harassment, and not guaranteed basic reproductive rights. Underneath the myriad of issues, there is an inherent lack of respect. Half of the world’s population is female, why are they systematically undervalued? We challenge you to think about your own personal experience. Choose an issue you are passionate about and address it. We encourage submissions from all genders & on any LBGTQ+ issue.

Call for Submissions is OPEN! 
Here’s the brief with dates & details: GROUPHUG Respect Me Brief

All submissions are due by March 11 at 11:59PM.
Submit work by e-mailing Write “Respect Me Submission” in the e-mail subject and include a sketch and description of your idea. We encourage you to submit early sketches & concepts. Submissions don’t have to be polished! If your idea is selected, you’ll have until end of April to bring it to life.