Power Me

May 5-7, 2017
119 Ludlow Street
New York, NY

Opening night party Friday, May 5th at 7PM – late. RSVP here.
Open from 10am – 6pm on Saturday + Sunday.

“Power Me” is a design show about energy & the environment.
It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, and materials available at our fingertips. Energy touches every aspect of our lives – from the meals we eat, the devices we love, and the clothes we wear. We challenged designers to think about your own personal energy use & choose a topic they are passionate about and address the issue.

The show features 15 creations by a collective of designers from across the country. The exhibited work ranges from market-ready products to futuristic product concepts. There will be demos at the opening party.

Here is a taste of the exhibit so far:
– A charger concept that allows you to power your devices with every day activities (from chasing your dog to twerking)
– The easiest way for consumers to get rid of e-waste
– A robot cat that teaches kids how to save energy in their own room
– A universal symbol for products produced with solar energy
+ many more product concepts

Check out the full list of designers & projects included in “Power Me”.


The call for submissions has ended!
Here’s the brief with dates & details: GROUPHUG-PowerMe-Brief.pdf